Home Assistant OS on Raspberry Pi Zero

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I had problems to install Home-Assistant OS on my Raspberry Pi Zero. As this is my only Raspberry Pi and it was not recommended by the developers, the documentation lacked infos. I found some how-to's on the Internet, but they were very outdated and not referring to the correct working OS Image. Website of Home Assistant

Step 1: Finding and downloading the correct image
JUN 22, 2020 - Robin Gruenke

The documentation for the installation of Home-Assistant OS lacks a link to the image for the Raspberry Pi Zero. The Raspy Zero won't run any other images for different Raspies. You need to go to the repository on GitHub and download 'hassos_rpi0-w-4.11.img.gz ' (hassos_rpi0-w-X.XX for future releases) in the releases section (see link in appendix). Download and unpack the gz file.

Step 2: Writing the image on a sd card and proceed
JUN 22, 2020 - Robin Gruenke

Use a sd image writer of your choice and unpack the 'hassos_rpi0-w-4.11.img' on your sd card. Only if you use this correct image, the raspberry pi will boot up and start installing the OS. Otherwise you get a black screen (But display input is there). Don't forget to setup a separate USB-Stick if you want to setup WiFi for you Home Assistant OS (As shown in the installation documentation). For working WiFi you need to change following properties in the example according to your WiFi Settings and that's it:



When you insert the sd card and start the Pi, after some five minutes you can access the web interface via: http://homeassistant.local:8123 where you can see that the installation is pending (as shown in the picture)

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