Todays tech­nology world is fast shif­ting. Con­su­mer stan­dards and de­mands are high­er than ever. As a result busi­nesses of­ten face a ba­rrier in their soft­ware which slows their pro­gress in de­vel­op­ment.

I offer re­sol­ving this ba­rrier, by work­ing to­ge­ther on an adap­ted so­lu­tion, which fits your needs.


Everything a­round Web-App­lica­tions. Whet­her you wish to just ex­pand your exis­ting pro­ject or to cre­ate a new foun­dation: I offer a so­lution.

Also, if you need to ha­ve a bullet­proof Web-App (e.g. finances), I offer a spe­cific so­lu­tion for that.


Having the ri­ght too­ls in your pro­ject can ma­ke big diff­er­ence. Too­ls are im­por­tant to auto­mate a work­flow and re­du­ces over­all costs to main­tain a pro­ject.

I off­er those so­lu­tions for your pro­ject. For ex­ample: Tools to auto­mate Se­arch En­gine rele­vant ta­sks or cre­at­ing your front­end toolchain.

Mobile First

Retina optimized


High Standards

I always use the latest stable technologies to work as efficient as possible. If you are interested in improving the appearance and user experience of your digital product, I can do that too.

Robin Gruenke
Freelancer & Web Applications Specialist

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About me

“ Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods. „

Hello, my name is Robin Gruenke, born in Germany. I am a Computer Science Expert, developing Software since 2009, with the main background on web application development.

In my past experiences, I got in touch with manifold and interesting projects where I was able to work deeply with people and technologies. Sharing thoughts with people about Technologies and integrating complex stuff to be seamless and easy to use, is something I am really passionate about.

Not only that I love to improve stuff and create maintainable architectures, I also love to design UI Elements and think about the best user experiences involved. For me, the most important thing in creating projects is that to have quality and the right foundation. You could compare it to building a house: If your material is low in quality or the foundation is weak, how long is the house supposed to stay ?

Creative mind here.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. - Albert Einstein

Flexible analytical skills.

Everything around ECMA Script.

Experienced in integrating and working React.js.

Also interested in languages like Elm, Rust and R.

Experienced creating performance tooling solutions and front-end tool chains.

<3 Clean Code.

Unconventional thinking is very important. I do it a lot.

I like true agile development.

Well experienced building maintainable Single Page Applications.

Technologies in focus

Javascript Node.js React.js Elm Git

Work Experience Highlights - An E-Commerce Cart Message System

While working for Airberlin on their new booking web application, I implemented a complex feature for messaging the user visually as a feedback to their actions. In the cycle of the Single Page Application and the users asynchronous requests the messaging had to be reliable in terms of removing order, timing and animation when the requests were resolved. I implemented a Service which heavily relied on Promises and Request Queueing, while utilizing a factory pattern to create a messaging system which could be configurated by implementation ( See: Code Example ) Technologies involved: Angular.js, Promises, lodash, SASS, Foundation CSS - An AWS Direct Upload API

Resolving a legacy issue regarding file upload, I enhanced a promise enabled API solution to enable direct file uploads via Amazon Web Services. The difficulty was to simplify a new highly flexible and secure upload situation with three endpoints, which the frontend had to interact with. The implementation acted as a simple interface which was able to tell the upload progress and replay the needed requests if an error occured. That means you could use it without the need to know what actually happens in the background, or providing dependent data from former request to another. I used ESNext Async & Await to ensure a flat code complexity footprint. Technologies involved: Node.js, ES6, lodash, ESNext Async & Await, HTML5 File API - A Web Application Refresh

While working for Shore, I was integrating a new technical solution to settle the product's relaunch as a Single Page Application. Within it, I also created a new version of the customer details oversight page. Technologies involved: Node.js, React.js, Redux, Webpack, lodash, ES6, Bootstrap CSS

CHECK24 - A Tooling Solution

I enhanced the existing software stack to have a routine which updates all critical path CSS on release. The tool processes the pages parallel, scales very well and works together with the underlying Zend Framework to cover all existing pages automatically. Technologies involved: Node.js, Zend Framework

CHECK24 - A Mobile Styleguide Implementation

The video compares the old mobile version to the new.
CHECK24 had a major corporate design relaunch. Within it, I implemented a mobile style guide. Besides styling and layout this included refactoring major components and extending the architecture to be suited for reusable components. A better overall user experience with improved filtering of results, smoother booking and an enhanced search mask was the result. Technologies involved: Backbone.js, LESS, Require.js, Underscore.js, JQuery Mobile.

c.i.t. professionals - A Hybrid Mobile App

Working with Ionic Framework, Cordova and Angular.js I created a mobile app solution for project logs and time tracking to enhance an existing customer software package.

My Open Source Projects


A toolbelt library containing iterator-generator patterns and promisified stuff


Experimental tool which batch decrypts ethereum private keys in parallel, plus some methods to fetch the Ether and token balances.


A simple reactjs boilerplate !


This tool recovers (via magic number bytes) all media like pictures, videos and recorded audio from an unencrypted iTunes backup.

frozen-core (2015)

Experimental library to create immutable objects and structures in an opinionated way.

Further educational certificates

Data Science: R Basics
HarvardX, an online learning initiative of Harvard University through edX.

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My Location

Berlin, Germany

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